Blue Light Defense introduces Blue Defense Extreme Progressive lens


Blue Light Defense is a blue filtering lens that has its properties throughout the lens monomer not a coating .  This lens was developed to minimize blue light damage to the eye by filtering specific wavelengths of blue light.  Blue Light Defense now has a free form digital progressive lens called Blue Defense Extreme that has incredible optics.  This new progressive lens comes in 1.60, 1.67 and Hi-Vex (impact resistant Ansi z87 compliant) )  material.  This new progressive lens has very wide reading and distance corridors and is perfect for an all around progressive lens, Very smooth transition from near to far and peripheral vision is incredible.  This lens is designed for very easy adaptation and great visual performance at all ranges.  Eye care centers that have been using Blue Light Defense since late 2014 claim the lens quality and customer service have been superb.   Learn more at

Blue light protection by using blue filtering lenses should minimize blue light damage to the eye.  Many studies are now linking chronic exposure to blue light in the evenings  to increased risk of macular degeneration and also increased risk of sleep problems.  Eye Care providers both optometrists and ophthalmologists are recommending blue filtering lenses like Blue Light Defense to their patients for the blue light protection.